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The Making of Alien Dance Band

Pj Kneisel and Sean O'Brien are two Los Angeles-based artists who met at CSULB. Their passions for the strange and unusual created a strong bond between them that pulsates throughout their work together. Their collaborations began under the name Myopic Puppies, seeing as how they are both nearsighted, but soon Sean joined the art collective Aorta VI and that is now the title they work under. Whether crafting comics, drawings, or props, these two are a workhorse of madness.

 Like vibrant, dynamic graffiti coloring urban rubble–gritty, sexy, fierce, and undeniably alive–Jordan Terra’s design aesthetic is a reflection of her soul, a mirror that allows others to see the world as she does.

Unabashed in her artistic approach, Jordan Terra lives the same way. Unafraid of the unexpected and always willing to heed the call of everyday adventure–those quirky, random moments that make life beautiful, like bringing smiles to strangers, something that the magnetic energy of her clothing achieves. She aims for her customers to radiate that same contagious joy.

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